Coach Surbhi

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I’m Surbhi Satpute. A wellness and lifestyle coach from India. Guiding people achieve their desired body since 2014. 

Once upon a time in my life, I  was underconfident, shy, anxious, a lot of self-criticisms because my mind was conditioned to believe I was not perfect according to society’s norms and society’s meaning of beautiful and perfect. I was ashamed at how my body was looking & feeling.

Trainers & Dieticians were heavy on my budget, I wandered around wasting my time, energy & money on so many workouts & diets that people shared online.  

In this process of body and self-transformation, I learned to love my body, and out of this love, I started keeping my body healthy and fit. 

You don’t have to repeat these mistakes. Through my Success, failures & mistakes you will get solid proven methods, reliable knowledge & trustworthy information that will guide you to achieve the ideal body you have been dreaming of for years.  

let’s do this!  

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