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9 Alarming Signs of Weak Immune System | Check Immunity Level

A blood test does not provide any information on how strong or weak immune system is. Your body tells you through different signs.

What type of signs are you experiencing can give you valuable insight into how strong or weak your immune system really is.

Let’s examine those symptoms. The more signs, you experience daily reveal how weak your immune system is.

Overweight Or Under-Weight

weak immune system

Look in the mirror, walk up the stairs, or jog a little to see how much extra weight you are carrying. Even if you are thin, your stamina will show how fit you are as a human being. 

The small signs you experience will tell you if you’re lacking nutrition in your body or consuming too much. You won’t need to measure your weight or your BMI for this.

There are many reasons that people will give for not staying on track with their diet or exercise routine. Things like job, study, lockdown, security, family, time, etc. But deep down, you know who the real culprit is, it’s “YOU”. 

We often give up, indulge in our cravings, and emotions and offer up impossible goals. Human beings have achieved great things by their willpower, mindset, and discipline throughout the ages. 

A weak immune system is a sign of being overweight or underweight.

Disturbed Sleep

weak immune system

Scientists have already proven that when we sleep, our body undergoes a cleansing process that clears out accumulated toxins. And since we wake up with urine and stool, this is our body’s way of getting rid of those toxins. 

What time does it take for you to sleep, and how long do you sleep? Everything you do will tell how your immune system is functioning. 

Do you usually wake up in the middle of the night or do you get up really early in the morning? Do you wake up in the morning feeling fresh or do you wake up feeling like sleeping more? You go directly to the toilet, or do you first need your coffee/chai/medicine to prepare?

You can tell whether you sleep well or not by answering these questions. This will further indicate how strong or weak your immune system is.

Constant Constipation

weak immune system

Pooping is the most natural way for our bodies to eliminate waste. And if you don’t poop once every day, then my friend your body is not working properly. 

When you get up, do you go straight to the washroom or do you take your coffee/chai/churna/medicine/smoke first? This one question will tell you your immunity level. 

Popping every day is normal, but a few times a week or once a week is dangerous. Our immune system is designed to remove toxins repeatedly throughout the day.

You have a weak immune system if this does not happen.

Painful Body

weak immune system

I am not talking about the pain you have from sore muscles, injury, or cramps. Even when you have a good night’s rest, you wake up with pain in your neck, shoulders, legs, etc., and continue to experience that pain throughout the day. 

The body expresses itself through pain that something in your body is wrong with you. Clear it out. When toxins accumulate, your body will tell you about them through these pains. 

Your weak immune system may manifest as pain the next time you have it.

Unclear Skin

weak immune system

Your skin is a representation of your overall immune system. Clear skin reflects how clean your body is internally. It’s a sign that the toxins are being expelled from your body.

There are several toxins in our body that cause pimples, acne, spots, dark circles, and many small pimples on our back, hands, and stomach. Do you know where and how many of these you already have on your body? 

Acne and pimples are like trees that grow back after being cut off. This is something that research has proven already. Applying creams or taking medications is only a temporary solution to this problem. 

The accumulated toxins in our body will need to be flushed out by our immune system if we are going to get rid of the problem in its roots.


weak immune system

Do you yawn while at work or home? Once you had eight hours of sleep the night before, does your head feel heavy and you feel like sleeping again? After lunch do you feel sleepy? After drinking coffee, does the urge to sleep never go away? 

If black coffee cannot dissipate your urge for a long afternoon nap (not a 20min nap, more than 40min nap), then there may be a serious problem in your system. This indicates signs of a weak immune system.

A poor diet, insufficient hydration, lack of sleep, insufficient exercise, etc, can be a cause of laziness. These habits can also contribute to a weak immune system.

Seasonal Sickness

weak immune system

Are you prone to getting sick after getting wet in the rain? Do you suffer from chronic coughs and sinus problems year-round? Are drastic weather changes problematic? If so, your immune system is probably compromised.

The changing of seasons affects us because our immune system is unable to adapt to these changes. The changing weather brings different types of viruses and bacteria which enter our body.

The traditional Indian method to fight these seasonal viruses is known as “Kadha” or “Herbal Tea” when our immune system is not up to the task.

For easy Kadha recipes to help you build strong immunity, check out “3 Kadha & Herbal Tea recipes to Improve Immunity.”

Not Feeling Hungry

weak immune system

Do you feel a strong sense of hunger at dinner time after eating your lunch? I’m not talking about the idea of eating food, but do you feel full? Does your stomach growl as it needs food?

A false symptom of hunger is eating food because you saw someone eat biryani in a cooking video and now you want it. If you watch a review video of pizza then you want pizza. 

Your body is already digesting the previous meal you ate 2 hours ago and now you put another meal into your stomach. Now your system is suffering because of your false sense of hunger. 

Consciously eating food and putting at least a 3- 4-hour gap between mealtimes can help you lose weight. The key is not to indulge in your cravings.

Having Negative Thoughts

weak immune system

The following pointer is very important. Throughout the day, what are your thoughts? Do you feel positive thoughts or easily annoyed at a seemingly insignificant inconvenience? 

Do you judge people on their looks when you scroll through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc? Do you feel jealous of someone’s lifestyle? Do you feel envious after seeing someone’s life? 

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, it indicates you have an impure system. The research shows that our bodies affect our thoughts and vice versa. A body filled with toxins is not able to think positively. 

A healthy immune system and a healthy body automatically affect your mood and allow for positive thoughts in the brain

These are the checkpoints you can use to measure your immunity level. Write down what you got right and what you messed up.

In conclusion, immunity is not a result of swallowing pills or drinking drinks, but rather the result of what you eat and how you live.

To find out how you can improve your weak immune system, check out “7 proven tips for a strong immune system.”

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