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7 Proven Tips for Strong Immune System

In a world where improving immunity has become a necessity, ‘How to’ becomes an important question. Let’s look at some proven tips that can help you build a Strong Immune System, you may already know but knowing & practicing are two different things altogether.

1) Regular Exercise

strong immune system

You may have noticed that after completing a work that requires physical activity (moving objects, moving plants, cleaning a house or garage, etc) your body feels energized and you feel alive.   

You can start with a 10 min brisk walk in your neighborhood. Our bodies are made to move the way we want, not being able to do so shows that we are not tapping into the infinite potential our body is capable of. 

Outdoor sports are a great way to start such as running, football/soccer, cricket, swimming, cycling, etc. Sports are a great way to keep our body moving without realizing that we are exercising and it’s fun. 

Yoga is a great home workout you can start for a Strong Immune System.

Summary: – Daily 30-40 min exercise or sports is recommended to strengthen your body.

2) Eating Wholesome Foods 

strong immune system

What do wholesome foods mean? Plant foods that are unprocessed and unrefined or very minimally processed and refined before consumption. Now, these include vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains. 

Consuming them raw or minimally processed or refined, will retain their nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, carbs, phytonutrients, and micronutrients.   

Research has shown that people who include wholesome foods in their diet have a Strong Immune System compared to people who eat processed or refined foods.  

Summary: – Start including wholesome foods in your diets, slowly increase the quantity according to your comfort. 

3) Deep Sleep

strong immune system

Has this happened to you? After a full day of physical activity and exhaustion you get on the bed, doze off and directly wake up in the morning, it feels like you just slept for 5 mins. This shows how deep your sleep was, this is what we are aiming for.  

Scientifically speaking our body repairs itself in the night when we are sleeping. What happens when you don’t sleep one night? The toxins that were going to be flushed out remain in the body forming a cluster.  

Can you live in a room that is full of dust, messy, and stinks? No, except for college boys (pun intended). Your body is also filled with toxins that are harmful to your body, because of regular sleep they are flushed out.  A Clean body leads to a Strong Immune System.

Summary: – Sleep is the cleaning lady/maid for your body. Don’t underestimate the power of deep sleep. Try to sleep at the same time daily. 

4) Meditate

strong immune system

Meditation has always been emphasized in India since ancient times. Meditation means being in the present and not indulging in past or future thoughts. 

Keeping down your stress levels and anxiety levels is very important to strengthen your immunity. Meditation does just that, research has shown that regular meditation reduces stress & anxiety levels.  

Sitting down, closing your eyes, and focusing on your breath sounds so simple yet very difficult. Why don’t you give it a try?  

Summary: – Meditation is backed with science, it will help you decrease your stress levels which are vital to improving your overall mental health.

5) Cutting down Sugar

strong immune system

Scientists couldn’t stress enough about the life-threatening effects of sugar. Not just white processed sugar, we need to cut down the sugar that is present in cold drinks, packaged foods, sweets, packaged drinks.  

What can we do to identify sugar in our food, check the ingredients list on the package, also check the nutrition information given behind the packages? At home you can monitor the sugar you are using.

Summary: – Cutting down sugar can reduce the stress on your pancreas and also lower inflammation.

6) Herbal Drinks

kadha recipes

India is famous for homemade medicinal drinks also known as ‘Kadha. Indians all over the world know this word. Every winter when we catch a cold, our mother or grandmother made us a hot, unsavory black drink mixed with herbs and spices.  

These are easy to make, and the spices’ nutrition heals our body. There are different types of Kada depending on the ailment you are going through.

Having them once a day empty stomach will work wonders on your body.  Consuming regular herbal teas and kadhas can help you build a Strong Immune System.

Summary: – Drink at least one concocted drink a day to stay healthy

7) Hydration

strong immune system

You may have already heard and read About the benefits of drinking water. So many professionals emphasize the benefits of keeping your body hydrated.   

Water removes the toxins from our bodies. It energizes our bodies. If you are bored of drinking plain water, you can fulfill your water intake goal through homemade juices, coconut water, watery foods, etc.  

To experience the benefits, you can start by increasing your water intake by 1 glass per day. Recommended consumption is 10-12 glasses a day. Try to reach that goal. 

Summary: – Drink 10-12 glasses of water

Conclusion – Try to introduce 1 habit at a time. Don’t forget being healthy and fit is not a 2–3-month project, it’s a lifetime journey. Take your first step and don’t stop moving.


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